Slow Down for Better Horse Training

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Horse Training

Horse Training

In our current fast paced society based on instant gratification and the DIY mentality, the art of quality horse training has sadly become lost in the fast shuffling of the world. It is getting harder and harder to be in the present when we are constantly trying to get onto the “next” thing.
Kids hardly have time to really think and process when they are in the saddle because they are rushed to the barn after school, they rush to tack up their horses/ponies, they rush to ride and then are rushed home to eat dinner and get to their schoolwork. Adults with full time careers and children rush around trying to fulfill everyone’s expectations while squeezing in some horse training in the middle of it all. And adults know enough about their expectations that they want enjoyment every time they get in the saddle; they DESERVE some enjoyment, however, horses are not always so accommodating when we most expect it from them.

Most people are limited in the amount of time they can spend honing their horse training and riding skills, with most having only an hour or two a day to actually spend with their horse.
The other 22 or 23 hours in the day is spent outside of the stable doing a normal routine that does not involve anything horse related. Having said this, there are ways you can maximize your time with your horse and his training by practicing some things in your everyday life. To be good around horses, one must be understanding and possess patience and awareness. If your day to day life consists of these qualities then you will have an easier time training your horse. If you tend to be argumentative, unfocused, and show little compassion in your everyday life then you are going to be at a serious disadvantage when it comes to horse training.

I recommend slowing down and reflecting on how you go through your daily life, how you talk to the people closest to you, the language you use as well as your mannerisms, which in turn provide nonverbal clues about your personality. Becoming more self aware will help further your horse’s education in a much more positive manner.

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